Nov 25, 2008

Pro-Life MP's 13 recommendations for Catholic bishops & clergy

Recently retired Canadian Member of Parliament Tom Wappel, the Henry Hyde of Canada, last week recommended 13 ways that Catholic bishops and clergy can get their flocks to become firmer in the Faith and to start thinking and acting pro-life. did a story about the recommendations (click on this post's title).

Mr. Wappel urges bishops and priests to ask their flocks if they really believe Jesus founded the Catholic Church and if they believe Catholic doctrine is true -- and if so, how could someone who professes those things ever advocate abortion, euthanasia and homosexual "marriage."

That is recommendation #13. Wait until you see #8, about speaking to Catholic high schools on the right to life. Mr. Wappel says his "worst experience as a politician in any school that I ever went to across this great country" was in 1990, at a Catholic high school in Yellow Knife in the Northwest Territories, when the staff and students made him feel "like a piece of meat that was dangled over a pool of sharks" because he was pro-life and anti-euthanasia.

If you know any pro-life, pro-chastity activists who speak to audiences at Catholic high schools, you know that what Mr. Wappel says is true. It does not happen everywhere, of course, but just about every pro-life speaker can tell of a time or times when parents, staffers and students became angry when reminded that fornication, abortion and contraception are mortal sins.

Anyway, you'll want to read Mr. Wappel's 13 recommendations and then show them to the priests and bishops you know.

Not sure if I can post anything on "Thanksgiving eve" or the big day itself. But I'll try.

And let us all thank God for His rich and many blessings upon us. I thank God for you and every visitor and commenter and friend of onelacatholic! God bless you, and God bless America.


Anonymous DAve said...

O thank God

11:15 PM  
Anonymous DAve said...

"The bishops are not bluffing when they say they'd turn out the lights rather than comply. Nor is Auxiliary Bishop Robert Hermann of St. Louis exaggerating, I don't think, in vowing that "any one of us would consider it a privilege to die tomorrow—to die tomorrow—to bring about the end of abortion.''"

Can you believe it Q???!!!

11:18 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Hi, Dave,

Thanks for the link and for the quote about Bishop Hermann of St. Louis.

If only the bishops had said things like that back before Roe vs Wade, when several states had "legalized" aborting babies.

Maybe that would have slowed the push for abortion and would have given pause to the Supreme Court.

10:26 PM  

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