Dec 9, 2008

The first step in getting Catholics to stop voting pro-abortion

What would you say should be the first step in getting Catholics to stop voting pro-abortion?

There are several possibilities. But a really good start would be for our U.S. bishops, singly and then formally together, to announce that they are de-registering from the Democrat Party because of its complicity in the mass slayings of America's preborn baby boys and girls by the tens of millions. Next, the major superiors of the religious orders could follow suit.

Then at least some priests and religious would follow the lead of our U.S. bishops and major superiors. And so would some lay Catholics.

This is not to say that the bishops, superiors, religious and laity have to register Republican, of course. They can register as Independents, obviously.

But, as Archbishop Raymond Burke, formerly of St. Louis and now the Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura (at the Vatican), said earlier this year, "At this point the Democratic Party risks transforming itself into a party of death."

All the laity know very well that lots and lots of our bishops and priests are registered Democrat and vote Democrat.

The continued loyalty of many of our bishops, priests and religious to the pro-abortion "party of death" gives tens of millions of lay Catholics all the excuse they need to keep voting pro-abortion.

What a huge scandal! How on earth can Catholic bishops, priests, religious and lay people vote pro-abortion -- for that is exactly what they are doing when they vote Democrat.

Think of all the good our bishops and priests could do if they would only lead their flocks out of the "party of death" and into the Catholic, pro-life light of Christ.


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