Dec 6, 2008

Letter-writers rip L.A. Times's anti-Catholicism

Here are two great letters to the editor (click on this post's title) in today's Los Angeles Times in response to that newspaper's editorial the other day about ordaining women, "What would Mary do?"
It never ceases to amaze Catholics how often secular media outlets find it their business to opine about the internal matters of the Catholic Church.

The editorial on the Catholic Church's strictures for its clergy is just the latest example. As no one is forced to be Catholic, and anyone who is Catholic can quit at any time, it smacks of something other than curiosity that a newspaper thinks it right to judge a world religion through its secular lenses.
William Donohue, New York
[Notice that the L.A. Times conveniently (for them) omits Mr. Donohue's affiliation -- he's the president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.]


With regard to the editorial "What would Mary do?" -- and based on the anti-Catholic vitriol in The Times' reporting and editorial pages -- Mary would cancel her subscription.
Charles O'Connell, Stevenson Ranch


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