Jan 5, 2009

Certain Catholic priests allegedly gave the Kennedys a "way" to back aborting babies

Maybe you've already seen Anne Hendershott's January 1, 2009, Wall Street Journal article (click on this post's title).

It is about the claim by ex-priest Albert Jonsen in 2003 that back in 1964 he and five other Catholic priests told a gathering of the Kennedys and Shrivers in Hyannisport that Catholic politicians could "in good conscience" vote for aborting babies.

The five other priests, according to Jonsen, were Fr. Joseph Fuchs, Fr. Robert Drinan, Fr. Giles Milhaven, Fr. Richard McCormick and Fr. Charles Curran.

Question: Has something similar ever happened with politicians and clergy anywhere else in the past 45 years -- say, out here in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California? Just wondering.

Just wondering, because the Catholic pro-abortion politicians out here sure have always seemed convinced they can in good conscience vote to abort babies, and they never mention being told otherwise by their bishops or pastors.


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