Dec 10, 2008

Pope Benedict names Latin Mass backer to head Congregation for Divine Worship

There is good news from Rome:

Pope Benedict XVI has appointed Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera, 63, of Spain, as the new Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship.

A Kansas City (Mo.) blogspot (click on this post's title) says Cardinal Canizares is "a known proponent of the TLM" and "an aggressive leader in the 'reform of the reform' of Catholic liturgy," and he "has also ordained priests into the Institute of Christ the King."

The blogspot also says Cardinal Canizares is known as "Little Ratzinger."

We can all applaud Cardinal Francis Arinze, 76, who is stepping down as Divine Worship prefect for reasons of age, and wish him well.

The Holy Father's selection of Cardinal Canizares is good news for the Church, but sadly the inhabitants of many a bishop's residence and chancery office in the USA will not see it that way -- those who remain wedded to the outdated, liturgical abuse-filled Masses of the long-bygone 1960's with their wicker baskets for the Hosts, their Kool-Aid pitcher flagons for the Precious Blood, their "liturgical" dancing and their misinterpretations of "active participation."

Ad multos annos, Cardinal Canizares!


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