Jan 7, 2009

L.A. Requiem Mass for the Unborn, 6 p.m., Sat., Jan. 24, 2009, at the Cathedral

Today, January 7, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has announced (click on this post's title) that its 2009 annual Requiem Mass for the Unborn will take place at 6 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 24, at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downtown Los Angeles.

In a message of invitation on the Archdiocese's web site today, Cardinal Roger Mahony writes, "[The Mass] is a wonderful way for our people [to] come together in prayer and in mutual support for protecting all unborn [babies]."

The full title of the Mass is "the Shantigarh Requiem Mass for the Unborn," but don't let the word "Shantigarh" put you off. It's the name of an L.A.-area Catholic choral group.

At http://www.requiemsurvey.org/composers.php?id=1511 the Catholic composer of the Requiem Mass, John Bonaduce, has these right-to-life things to say:

"If the Lord can see us in a drop of morning dew, I invite the listener to see life in a single cell or in an unborn child. If God can make that reach, it's my hope that we can."

"Civilized men and women must come forward and bury their dead. [The Requiem Mass treats the aborted baby as] a person deserving all the rights of a funeral. In a backwards way, we're building the personhood of those who were aborted."

An aside: Yesterday, a commenter on my post about the Jan. 24 West Coast Walk for Life who called herself (or himself) "Betty" accused Ole Q of not publicizing this year's pro-life Mass at the Cathedral. I pointed out to her (him?) that I publicized the Mass last year and that so far (as of last night) the Archdiocese's web site itself had not publicized its own pro-life Mass.

So it's interesting that suddenly today the Archdiocese's web site is publicizing the pro-life Mass.

Anyway, obviously, some Southern Californians will go up to San Francisco for the Walk for Life on Jan. 24, but many others will have to stay close to home and they can attend the L.A. Mass that evening. "Betty" should not have assumed Ole Q would not publicize a Mass for the Babies.


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