Feb 17, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI and Pro-Abortion Nancy Pelosi

Soon we'll know at least some of what went on when Pope Benedict XVI received pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday.

As the Holy See has pointed out, the Pope is receiving her in his capacity as head of a sovereign state, the Holy See. She is third in line to the presidency of the USA and is on an official visit.

The USA is really in trouble when the top three positions in its government are filled by human beings as ignorant, as extremist and as cruel and heartless as the remorseless pro-abortion zealots Nancy Pelosi, Joseph Biden and Barack H. "Punished with a Baby" Obama.

Mrs. Pelosi and Biden know zero about Catholic teaching about the sanctity of human life, and Obama professes not to know the elementary scientific fact that our lives begin at conception.

It is nice to imagine the Pope bawling out Nancy Pelosi and shaking his finger at her, just as Pope John Paul II did to the Sandinista stooge Fr. Ernesto Cardenal in Nicaragua in 1983.

We will see what happens. In any case, we know that the pro-abortion Catholics and the "it's only one issue" Catholics will be wrong if they try to claim the Pope is not fully pro-life.

By the way, for the latest on Nancy Pelosi's stonewalling on San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer's invitation to her to discuss the right to life, be sure to visit http://johnmalloysdb.blogspot.com


Blogger Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

I'm not surprised that Speaker Pelosi is 'stonewalling' efforts to teach her Catholic beliefs. In her position, it's probably easier if she maintains a level of comfortable ignorance.

I took the liberty of linking to this post, and quoting a brief excerpt, in (Unabashed plug - "Pelosi and the Pope, Emotion and Beliefs).

I used your post as an example of the "vitriolic" comments on Pelosi's audience with the Pope. In my post's context, that's a compliment, BTW.

11:37 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Brian,

Thank you for quoting Ole Q and for letting all of us know about your good blogspot.

You had some reservations there about my calling Obama, Biden and Mrs. Pelosi "extremists." The words "fanatics" and "zealots" would do, too, but the term "extremists" does fit anyone who advocates and facilitates the killings of millions of babies.

Thanks for writing! Keep checking in here.

10:28 PM  

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