Feb 19, 2009

Pro-life hero Rev. Walter Hoye will appeal his sentencing

The pro-life non-profit group Life Legal Defense Foundation (Life Legal, for short) does wonderful and indispensable pro-life work. It reports (be sure to click on this post's title) today that a judge in crime-plagued Oakland today (Feb. 19) sentenced the Rev. Walter B. Hoye II to 30 days in jail (for which "community service" may be substituted) and a fine of $1,130 -- for the "crime" of pro-life sidewalk counseling.

The Rev. Hoye has not agreed to the judge's order to stay away from a certain abortion business. His attorneys, who are from Life Legal, say they will appeal.

“It is absolutely incredible that in America an individual can be sentenced to jail for engaging in peaceful free speech activity on a public sidewalk,” says Allison Aranda, Staff Counsel for Life Legal Defense Foundation. “Rev. Hoye has a legal right to refuse onerous conditions of probation. Rev. Hoye will not and should not agree to give up his free speech rights."

You can read a riveting first-person account of today's sentencing, by friend Gibbons Cooney, at:

A lawsuit in federal court that is separate from the case is challenging the constitutionality of the Oakland "bubble zone" city ordinance under which the Rev. Hoye was convicted.

Let's keep praying for the Rev. Hoye. By the way, his web site is at:

Questions: How come so often pro-lifers are out at the abortion mills in small numbers or even by themselves? How come there is not a crowd of believers with them? How come more of our clergy are not out at the abortion mills to lead us in prayer and sidewalk counseling?

More questions: Did any of our California bishops stand up publicly for the Rev. Hoye? Did any Catholic clergy in and around Oakland publicly support him? I'll be more than happy to publicize their support, if they did.

And here in Los Angeles, where Cardinal Mahony admits abortionists kill around 140 preborn babies every day, why aren't our Cardinal, our bishops and our clergy out at the abortion mills on a regular basis? Whose actions do you admire more, theirs or the Rev. Walter Hoye's?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Did any of our California bishops stand up publicly for the Rev. Hoye? Did any Catholic clergy in and around Oakland publicly support him? I'll be more than happy to publicize their support, if they did."

Yes. I am in the Diocese of Oakland and attend daily mass at my parish. It was there that I learned about Rev. Hoye's case. It was not a passing comment, but a prayer petition during mass by the priest that was offered a number of times, and I was personally asked to pray for Rev. Hoye by this priest as well. Yes, we do have priests who stand up publicly and show their support.

This judgement against Rev. Hoye is outrageous but reflective of how hypocritical the "pro-choice" position is, because they really do not want women to be offered any choices at all--especially not by someone who is promoting the truth about the value of human life.

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind mention, Q. I am sorry to say I did not see any of our Catholic clergy there--but there were PLENTY of Catholic lay people--almost all of the Walk for Life West Coast organizers were there. A number of Afican American ministers from around the coutry were there. They went out for gumbo afterwards. I was thinking of converting!

It was amazing. Judge Hing's attitude seemed to be: "Please Mr. Hoye, won't you just go away?"

Gibbons in SF

5:09 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Anonymous 10:15 a.m.,

Thank you for this great news! So glad to hear that your parish priests put the Rev. Hoye in the petitions at Mass.

You're so right about the pro-aborts not wanting "choice" at all -- they want only one "choice," and that is a dead baby.

I well remember years ago seeing a young lady slowly exiting the door of a Banned Parenthood abortion center, obviously having had her baby aborted, and a PP "deathscort," an old lady, no less, seeing her as well and then smirking at me, as if to say, "There's another baby we got and you didn't."

10:09 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Gibbons,

It's so great that you and many others were there for the Rev. Hoye in his "crucible" hour. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

A lot of good will come from this whole situation -- a lot of graces, and a lot of babies saved.


10:16 PM  

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