Mar 7, 2009

Demand for Latin Mass is good among priests and seminarians

Good news! Lots of priests and seminarians are learning how to say the Latin Mass, reports the National Catholic Register of March 1, 2009 (click on this post's title).

Not only that, but EWTN and the priestly Fraternity of St. Peter have teamed up to make an instructional DVD -- and chanceries and seminaries are requesting copies.

Says the Register, "In his introduction to the DVD, Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, president of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, says that 'the Holy Father wants this form of the Mass to become a normal one in the parishes.'"

Presumably His Holiness did not say the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is exempt from his wishes.

In Chicago, the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius offer training for priests and seminarians, as well as workshops for lay Catholics.

The Register also says seminaries are offering courses and workshops on saying the Latin Mass.

That, of course, is in line with Pope Benedict's express wish, in par. 62 of his Sacramentum Caritatis in February 2007, that all seminaries teach their seminarians Latin so they can say the Latin Mass, "use Latin texts and execute Gregorian chant."

Here in Los Angeles, is Cardinal Mahony implementing that wish of the Vicar of Christ?


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What church in Los Angeles has mass in Latin?

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