Mar 6, 2009

Archbishop Niederauer slaps Most Holy Redeemer Parish again

Good news (click on this post's title): Archbishop George Niederauer of San Francisco, and formerly of L.A. and St. John's Seminary here, has stopped de facto homosexual-h.q. Most Holy Redeemer Parish in S.F. from having a play that, said the parish's bulletin, "explores the subject of homosexuality within a Christian, adolescent context."

Hmmm: Homosexuals and adolescents -- where have we heard anything like that in the Church before?

Wouldn't it be logical for Archbishop Niederauer now to take the next step and clean house -- really clean house -- at that parish?

No doubt that would spark a big rebellion there. And it that case, wouldn't the next logical step for Archbishop Niederauer be to shut down the parish?

After all, lots of bishops are closing parishes these days.

Or... Archbishop Niederauer could place the parish under interdict. (Okay, I can dream.)

By the way, the Fr. Malloy-Gibbons Cooney blogspot (click on this post's title) is, and has been, doing a masterful job of exposing homosexual activism at Most Holy Redeemer Parish.


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