Apr 20, 2009

Liberals always contradict themselves

Everybody is writing about Fr. Jenkins of Notre Dame and his decision to award the abortion zealot Barack Hussein Obama an honorary law degree and to have him give the 2009 commencement address.

So Ole Q hasn't said anything. And after all, Notre Dame is not anywhere near L.A. -- except deep in the hearts of the many Angelenos who are faithful sports fans of the Fighting Irish.

But LifeSiteNews.com recently pointed out something about the scandal that calls for repeating.

It is this: Fr. Jenkins has said his invitation to Obama is about "dialogue" (as if the abortion-pushing Obama is interested in that) -- but when pro-life students at Notre Dame asked to have a dialogue with Fr. Jenkins about the invitation, he turned them down.

So much for "dialogue!" Yes, liberals contradict themselves.

By the way, maybe you've read that at last count (today), 42 U.S. bishops have publicly come out against Fr. Jenkins's invitation to B.O. One of the latest to speak out, Bishop Robert Finn, has even said Fr. Jenkins is likely to lose his job over the scandal.

When will Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles say Notre Dame should disinvite Obama? Cardinal Mahony had Slick Willie Clinton speak in St. Vibiana's, so now would be the perfect time for His Eminence to atone for that by asking Fr. Jenkins to tell B.O., "Sorry, Charlie."


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