Feb 19, 2010

Read John Zmirak on the Tridentine Mass and the New Mass...

John Zmirak at insidecatholic.com has an informative and thought-provoking post (click on this post's title) about the Tridentine Mass and the New Mass.

You owe it to yourself to read it.

You'll also find the comments that follow the post very interesting. And here is an excerpt from a reply that John Zmirak has made to a commenter:

* "The New Mass was created in plain violation of the explicit instructions given by Vatican II for a moderate, organic liturgical reform that put the scriptures into the vernacular but left the canon in Latin.

* "The change from facing the altar to facing the people was accomplished by fraud (it is NOT recommended, but speculatively tolerated, in the conciliar documents) and resulted in the smashing of more Catholic altars than at any time since the Reformation. The current pope has written that it was a bad idea.

* "The Council called for the extension and preservation of Gregorian chant. The committee set up by Pope Paul VI to create the new liturgy did nothing to accomplish this, and allowed national bishops' conferences to basically eliminate chant. Then came the banjos and the dancing nuns...

* "The translations from Latin to vernacular languages were uniformly, except for the case of Poland, fraudulent.

* "The post-1970 innovations, such as Communion in the hand, the demolition of altar rails, standing for Communion, and universal abuse of Extraordinary Ministers were ALL accomplished by bishops or their bureaucrats lying about what the Vatican had reluctantly tolerated..."

So writes John Zmirak.


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