Feb 9, 2010

Speculation about Cardinal Mahony's successor

Click on this post's title for some lengthy speculation from late January about a successor to Cardinal Mahony.

Among other things, the article says this:

"In early January, three independent sources outside the archdiocese indicated to Whispers that the consultation stage of a selection process had been underway at least since mid-autumn, with one adding that the cardinal's request for a coadjutor had been granted by the Holy See in October. From there, the cardinal is credibly understood to have been given the privilege of approving the terna of his potential successors -- not the final choice -- with at least one Mahony aide anticipating an announcement sometime around the cardinal's 74th birthday, February 27th [2010]."

"Terna" is Italian for "trio" or "threesome."

Cardinal Mahony, as we know, must submit his resignation, as all bishops must, when he turns 75 -- in his case , February 27, 2011. Popes do not have to accept resignations right away.

Let's all pray for our Archdiocese of Los Angeles, now and always.


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