Jan 24, 2010

This year's gigantic March for Life in our Nation's capital was the biggest ever

Click on this post's title to see a photo of this year's leadoff marchers -- all young women, contrary to some pro-aborts' preposterous and demonically evil lie that NO young women took part in the 400,000-strong march -- and a brief paragraph about the success of this year's March.

At the March's web site you can also learn a lot about the history of the giant annual anti-abortion event.


Anonymous Matt S said...

Where did you get the "400,000" number? I couldn't find it in the link.

11:36 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Matt S,

Thank you for asking. Doing a search for "March for Life" and "2010" and "400,000" turns up several items. Nellie Gray, who founded the March, said that it was much larger this year than the 300,000 she said marched in 2009.

Here is one source:

Imagine the nerve and bias of the "news" media for ignoring 400,000 pro-lifers!

9:32 PM  

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