Jan 24, 2010

Last Saturday's Walk for Life West Coast 2010 was a big success

As you can see from the photo here (and click on this post's title to see more photos), this year's Walk for Life West Coast was a big success. Our friends at johnmalloysdb.blogspot.com in San Francisco say this year's Walk was the biggest ever.

Contrary to the pro-aborts' perennial lies, half or, more likely, more than half of the marchers in San Francisco this past Saturday, as well as those at the March for Life in Washington, D.C., this past Friday, were under 25 and half or more of them were female.

Being anti-abortion has become a young women's issue nowadays, and the pro-aborts can't stand to admit that.

You heard it here: The Walk for Life West Coast 2010 had 30,000 or more pro-lifers marching. The March for Life 2010 in D.C. had 400,000 pro-lifers. A recent pro-life march in Paris had 25,000. Pro-life marches/rallies last year in Madrid had hundreds of thousands of attendees.

The news (read, propaganda) media won't tell you any of this. Last Saturday, I didn't see ANY reports on the gigantic March for Life (the D.C. one) in the online New York Times, L.A. Times, S.F. Chronicle, Boston Globe or Philadelphia Inquirer.

But let's be encouraged at the new wave of pro-lifers who are under 25. They know they are survivors of Roe v. Wade: They know that one-third of their generation has been aborted. They know they themselves could easily have been aborted, too. They are anti-abortion and will stay that way.

Let's pray they all become year-'round anti-abortion activists! Amen.


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