Mar 10, 2010

If socialized medicine happens, it'll be the bishops' fault

Yes, if Congress passes socialized medicine, it'll be our U.S. bishops' fault. Here's how.

It's now more than 40 years since Catholic politicians, almost all of them Democrat, and numbering in the thousands, have been voting in our national and state legislatures to protect and pay abortionists. As we know, some 52 million babies have paid the ultimate price.

As we also know, in those more than 40 years, tens of millions of Catholic voters have been voting, nationally and locally, every election, for those pro-abortion Catholic politicians.

Our U.S. bishops have done nothing -- nothing! -- to actually stop Catholic politicians from perpetuating the mass murder of our preborn babies.

Too, the bishops have done nothing -- nothing! -- to actually stop Catholic voters from keeping the pro-abortion Catholic politicians in office over and over and over.

Too many bishops continue to peddle the discredited but still widely held "broad range of issues" / "seamless garment" rationalization that lets Catholic politicians and voters off the hook as they take the babies' lives and disregard Catholic doctrine that the sanctity of human lives is and must forever be the paramount issue.

Plus, the bishops have actually been telegraphing the message politically in recent months and years that they want the socialized medicine if aborting babies could be kept out of it -- which it can't, of course, because (1) the pro-abortion politicians are deeply wedded to aborting babies and (2) if aborting babies were kept out of it, federal judges would immediately and forever invalidate those provisions as being "unconstitutional," which they are not.

And not only that, the bishops, as a whole, have been silent on all the ways the socialized medicine violates Catholic doctrine.

The bishops, as a whole, say nothing about the socialized medicine's planned denial of care to vulnerable Americans, its government takeover of a sixth of the economy, its totalitarian regimentation of Americans and ending of their privacy and personal autonomy, and its blatant violation of subsidiarity, the Catholic principle that people should be able to run their own lives and that any government actions should be at the level closest to people.

It is absolutely disgraceful that after more than 40 years of mass baby-killing, our bishops still will not excommunicate the 150 or so Catholics in the House and Senate who vote pro-abortion.

It is also absolutely disgraceful that our bishops do not tell Catholic voters they may not perpetuate pro-abortion politicians in office.

So if Congress and Barack H. Obama impose anti-life socialized medicine on you and me and all Americans, you'll know where the blame squarely lies: Our Catholic bishops.


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