Jun 22, 2010

Anyone who truly cares about Hispanics in this country will start warning us that the Democrats and liberal Republicans are our mortal enemies

Far too many Americans, and especially Hispanics, think the Democrats and the liberal Republicans are their friends.

They need to hear otherwise; they need to hear reality, the truth.

No one can say any longer that the Democrats and the liberal Republicans are friends to Americans and to Hispanics in particular -- not that they ever could say that in the last nearly 40 years.

Everyone -- lay Catholics, religious, deacons, clergy, bishops -- needs to start telling people, openly and loudly and in no unmistakable terms, that the Democrats and the liberal Republicans are nothing less than their mortal enemies.

They are our mortal enemies because they promote and fund the abortions of our babies, and they promote the family-destroying homosexual takeover agenda.

We already knew that Obama, for example, is an abortion extremist.

We also knew that Obama, for example, is a homosexual-agenda extremist. But look at these two new proofs of that from just the past 30 days or so:



Yes, these are this year's Mother's Day and Father's Day presidential proclamations.

You will see that Obama has perverted each of these beloved national holidays. He has injected the homosexual takeover agenda into them.

He has done so by praising mothers and fathers, respectively, but including "two mothers" and "two fathers" among them.

That is sick.

Yes, all of us, lay Catholics, deacons, religious, clergy and bishops, will fail to do our duty to our fellow Americans, including Hispanics, if we do not give them the truth -- namely, that Democrats and liberal Republicans are threats to their babies, their families, their morality, their religious liberty, and their way of life.


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