Jun 5, 2005

Advice to the L.A. Five: Keep your collar on

Free Republic posts comments about the L.A. priesthood ordinations.
Clayton wanted to attend the Mass, but didn't have a ticket.


It's sad to note that only one of the ordinands is dressed as a priest. This is, of course, in keeping with the prevailing trend among L.A. priests who in large numbers dress in non-clerical attire. In fact, I was told that Mahony actually encourages this by insisting on "casual" attire at priests' meetings.

I have heard some priests justify the wearing of non-clerical garb as a way of "identifying with the people." But I suspect that the real reason behind it is simply not to be identified, period. It's less of a hassle for them. When they're at the mall or the cineplex, no one's going to bug them for a blessing or a confession or a few words of advice.

If I were a priest, I would always wear, along with my scapular, the Roman collar. Remember that priest who was nearly beaten to death in a park by two youths after he allegedly propositioned them for sex? In addition to suffering substantial injuries that almost took his life, the priest, who was the chancellor of his diocese, may never function as a priest again.

You know what? A lot of misery, both physical and moral, could have been avoided had Father just kept his Roman collar on.


Blogger Clayton said...

Just to clarify: I didn't go to the Cathedral and get turned away. I simply visited the Cathedral's website and found that the it would be closed and that I would need a ticket to attend the ordination... and I could find no information about how to obtain a ticket.

3:46 AM  

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