Jun 3, 2005

Don't tell my wife, but ...

Over at Diogenes Dan has posted the perfect rejoinder to Father “Bill” Messenger’s idiotic statement regarding celibacy.

First, Father "Bill" in his own words:

I, for one, did not choose celibacy. I chose priesthood and accepted celibacy because there was no choice. I do not consider myself to have been free. There was simply no other way to be ordained. And even in accepting celibacy, it was not a vow. The distinction between vow and promise is perhaps more important than is immediately evident.

Dan's response:

Don't tell my wife, but...

I, for one, did not choose monogamy. I chose marriage and accepted monogamy because there was no other choice. I wanted children but was not free to choose monogamy or polygamy. Since the Catholic Church will not marry polygamists, there was no other way to be married except to promise monogamy. It was not a free choice. I know it is called marriage vows but aren't they really promises?

Didn't Solomon have hundreds of wives?


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