Jun 27, 2005

L.A. will make Boston look like an altar boy picnic

An earthquake of unprecedented magnitude is coming to L.A.
Roger, put on your handcuffs ... ur ... I mean, seatbelt.


"The epicenter is California," [Father Thomas] Doyle said. "One diocese just paid out $36 million, and the Diocese of Orange paid out $110 million. When Los Angeles bursts, it will make Boston look like an altar boys' picnic."

I don't particularly like Doyle. He is the darling of the VOTF and SNAP crowd which is more concerned about reinventing the Church than with helping those who have been truly hurt by clerical sexual abuse. But much of what Doyle says, I think, as regards California and specifically Los Angeles, is "on the money," so to speak. Go HERE for the full article.


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