Jul 5, 2005

Dear Holy Father ... help!

Karen over hat SOME HAVE HATS is so exasperated with the liturgical funny business going on in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles that she's planning on writing a lengthy letter to Rome. She is hoping to compile a dossier detailing violations of liturgical norms by the chief liturgist (and I hasten to add, chief abuser) Cardinal Mahony, on down.

Here's what she writes:

Okay, I mean it. I am collecting material on what is going on in the Los Angeles diocese and I'm going to send it, along with the strongest letter I can muster, to Rome.

I need material. Please send me your L.A. stories of liturgical abuse and incidents that are in blatant contrast to the teachings of the Church, such as the Rainbow Sash stuff or throwing a big pagan party at the Cathedral for all the pro-abortion politicians.

I'd also be happy to start a petition, if anyone thinks it would do any good.

Cough it up, fellow liturgical martyrs! Then send it here or post it below.

L.A. Catholic is doing what it can to help the cause.

In a related post, Karen writes:

At my church, we kneel after communion, in direct defiance to instructions from the Taj Mahony. But if I knelt after the Agnus Dei, I would be the only one in the church. I hate this more every Sunday. Again, it seems like the Pope could put an end to it with one phone call. So why doesn't he? How can we get an L.A. movement going that says we want to have the same Mass as everyone else on the planet?

I've got it! We need to come up with the "We want to kneel, dammit!" sash! Does anyone have a suggestion for a color?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know of a woman some years ago who prepared a huge file on the man in the red hat in the archdiocese. She was quite a prayer warrior too and helped start adoration and other holy things. The files made it to Rome and were somehow 'lost'. The man got the red hat (I have heard it is teflon). I would suggest that Katen contact Stephen Brady, that stalwart warrior over there at Roman Catholic Faithful and work together. He has been working on this for a time. But there are just SO MANY places with huge and blatant spiritual problems! And getting the information out on one lavender bishop does not mean that the next one will be better.

By all means go for it but redouble the prayer life because the battle is not against flesh and but powers and principalities. This is spiritual warfare here. Keep your rosary going. Beseech Our Lord at the Blessed Sacrament to clean up His Church so that more souls can come to truly know and love Him. Beg Him for HOLY priests and bishops and sisters and lay people and marriages. Beg Him to protect our young people. So many things to take to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament....

8:30 PM  
Blogger hilary said...

And not to forget the capper. Now the guy you send the information to is Levada, a Mahoney clique member and the guy who bankrupted Portland.

11:44 PM  

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