Aug 18, 2005

Old Europe becomes young again

Young WYD pilgrims from Canada had been staying in nearby Holland before leaving for Cologne, Germany. reports ...

As these youth traveled nightly on buses to different communities and packed their empty churches, the elderly Dutch cried as they remembered back to the days when their own youth packed their churches and sent missionaries abroad to foreign lands. Neighbouring pastors and priests witnessed these phenomena with moistened eyes, equally moved by these young pilgrims who flew across the ocean and came with love, sacrifice and a vision to rejuvenate their countries faith.

These are tomorrow's leaders coming to learn from one of the Church's, and indeed the world's most gifted spiritual teachers, Pope Benedict XVI.


Anonymous TYL said...

Truly moving, indeed...and a sad tale, too, for the state of the Dutch Church, reduced to almost nothing from its uber-liberal secular society.

12:07 PM  

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