Sep 6, 2005

'Out' of the igloo

In 2004, Cardinal Roger Mahony ordained avowed homosexual, Eric Stoltz, to the permanent diaconate (see my post: Openly 'gay' in Mahony's L.A.).

Over at Maxima Culpa, our ALASKAN blogger in Christ, Chrysostomos, keeps us current on the latest escapades of LA's most famous 'gay' deacon.

Go HERE and read "Discipleship Daze."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From this post:
I'll beg your leave with these few words from Pope John Paul II, September 5, 2002:

It would be lamentable if, out of a misunderstood tolerance, [bishops] ordained young men who are immature or have obvious signs of affective deviations that, as is sadly known, could cause serious anomalies in the consciences of the faithful, with evident damage for the whole Church.

I have a friend who's convinced Mahony's up to these liturgical abuses etc... cuz they take the heat off some other topic(s) he doesn't want to talk about...

12:55 AM  

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