Oct 12, 2005

From saving souls to saving face

From a memo sent to priests, deacons, religious and parish staffs, from Msgr. Royale Vadakin, Moderator of the Curia/Vicar General.

"You might wish to highlight that the Archdiocese is committed to ensuring that all of our ministries remain safe for all people."
It is clear that what matters most to Cardinal Mahony is not SAVING SOULS, but SAVING FACE. His priority is not THE SACRED MYSTERIES, but rather SAFE MINISTRIES.

This is sick.
This is evil.

L.A. Catholic is grateful to the anonymous source which provided the above-mentioned memo.


Anonymous Linda said...

These entries were so painful to read that I cannot finish. In 2002 I decided to leave the Church for good because of the sexual abuse coverups. Fortunately God inspired me to return. What a cross we have to bear in Mahoney, et al. But what those children have to live with every day....it's a wonder the Mahoney cronies can sleep at night.

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
Yes, you and many thousands left in disgust yet we realize that the sinners in the Church should not be the instument that the devil uses to drive us from the sacraments. We are all sinners. What those in places have done is unthinkable to a normal person and the evil is grave. It is indeed a cross, as you have said.

Thanks be to God for your return even if your heart is heavy.
Mine is too.

8:44 AM  

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