Oct 10, 2005

A successful cathedral?

I do not believe it has ever happened that the words "successful" and "cathedral" have been juxtaposed ... until now.

You will find this odd pairing of words on Mahony's cathedral website. On the homepage you will see a new tab labeled, WAYS TO GIVE, which takes you to a webpage which says:

Be a Part of the Cathedral Success Story ...

Unlike some of the cathedrals of Europe, there is no charge [half-truth] to enter the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels and to enjoy its renowned art [lie], architecture [lie] and music [maybe that is true; I don't know].

The Cathedral truly belongs to everyone because the whole community contributes to its ongoing success, whether financially or through friendship ...

The "through friendship" part is boiler plate. What they're really interested in is the "financially" part, as indicated by the 4 links listed at the bottom of the WAYS TO GIVE webpage:

What do you need to join the Cathedral associates?


There are two categories of membership in this select group of cathedral backers.

(1) the PASTOR'S COUNCIL: the required ANNUAL GIFT is $1000-$4999.

(2) the CARDINAL'S COUNCIL: To join this even more elite group, an ANNUAL MINIMUM GIFT of $5000 is required.

Sound like a lot of moola?
Not really.
Just look at all you get in return!

Cathedral Associates receive many benefits including a special Mass, a reception with the Cathedral Pastor, Monsignor Kevin Kostelnik or dinner with His Eminence [if you pay the bigger bucks] Cardinal Roger Mahony. Benefits include a Cathedral Gift Shop discount, free parking [that will save you a ton of loot], annual donor recognition at the Cathedral Center, and more.

Who could want anything more?

I don't get it.
The cathedral is really successful.
Then why all the money grubbing???

Something doesn't add up.

What was it that Mother Teresa said about the pre-eminence of FAITHFULNESS over SUCCESS? Instead of spinning so many wheels in order to salvage the cathedral project which was a colossal failure from the start, Cardinal Mahony ought to work on being FAITHFUL for a change and just then maybe everything else will fall into place.


Anonymous QV said...

Wow for only 2500$ you can buy a floor stone in the bare closet where the good Cardinal hides the Blessed Sacrament from the faithful.

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the article refers to the tapestries, which are beautiful, from what I have seen of them. Perhaps you could give a link to them?

6:10 PM  
Blogger Clayton said...

I have a few photos over on my .mac homepage.

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Barbara said...

Has anyone ever gone to the "cathedral" and tried to find the Blessed Sacrament? I felt like Mary Magdalene at the Resurrection, "They have taken away my Lord; and I know not where they have laid him." (John 20:13) It took me 20 MINUTES to locate the room, then another disturbing pause to decide whether or not to genuflect in front of the really odd tabernacle. I did, but it was a weird feeling.

5:13 PM  

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