Oct 12, 2005

Newspaper conducts study on L.A. clergy sexual abuse


Although the sexual abuse scandal has been the subject of more than 560 court claims and a report by the archdiocese, basic information on the dimensions of the problem have remained sketchy. The Times analysis is the first to quantify the breadth of the scandal in the archdiocese.

Molestations have been alleged at roughly 100 parishes. But because the accused priests moved around the archdiocese on average every 4.5 years, the total number of parishes in which alleged abusers served is far larger — more than three-fourths of the 288 parishes, according to the study, which examined records back to 1950.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quotes from the Times story:

The clergy sexual abuse scandal reached far more broadly across the Los Angeles Archdiocese — and put far more children at risk — than has previously been known, according to a Times study that examined the records of hundreds of accused priests.

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, who has led the archdiocese since 1985, declined to comment on The Times study

In at least eight cases, the archdiocese allowed priests to remain in ministry after receiving information about their alleged sexual interest in minors.

But, Hennigan added, "I am not aware of a single instance in the archdiocese in which a credible allegation was made about sexual misconduct and the solution was to simply transfer him to another parish."

Mahony also has fought release of confidential church files containing complaints, correspondence and priest assignments.


The LA Times, NY Times and the Wash Post are liberal rags. Nevertheless, this story is not going away. Whether or not he will leave or be forced to leave LA, nobody knows. But, as a visible leader of the largest Archdiocese in the Country with all the power, prestige and moral authority that that title holds, he is done. Stick a fork in him.

All but the most died in the wool blue-haired neo-Catholic knows the man has been deceptive repeatedly and, at this moment, he is simply trying to save his reputation and his position as Cardinal Archbishop.

Furthermore, if his behavior remains consistent as it has been throughout the scandal, if he remains defiant, if he is seen to be an obstructionist concerning the facts in this case, his character and reputation will deteriorate even more in the eyes or the laity in his archdiocese and around the country.

His days are numbered and he has nobody to blame but himself.

Disclaimer: The above opinions are solely those of Sock and they do not reflect the views of anyone else on the planet.

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that we have known that even with gazillions of dollars spent on lawyers, sooner or later the teflon cardinal would run afoul of the CIVIL authorities and therein lies his downfall. The good Lord only knows why Church authorities would not address this decades ago.

8:40 AM  
Blogger John Hearn said...

If, as seems likely, the power elite in LA deserts Mahony, his goose will indeed be cooked. The big money guys liked this cardinal because he spoke their language and didn't threaten them with real Christianity, which they feared might be bad for business. If the money guys start making calls to rid themselves of this embarrassment, then by by Roger!

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So last month Villaraigosa was an embarassment to Mahony- a homophile abortion supporter. And now- Mahony's an embarassment to Villagairosa.


6:13 PM  

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