Nov 5, 2005

Cardinal Ratzinger's penetrating meditation on the Third Fall of Christ

From time to time, especially when sadness overtakes me at the sight of so much rot in Christ's Holy Church, I retreat to these words of Cardinal Ratzinger, words that he penned shortly before becoming pope. I hear in these words the voice of the Lord calling out to me. He is saying: more prayer, more expiation.

Lord, have mercy on us!

What can the third fall of Jesus under the Cross say to us? We have considered the fall of man in general, and the falling of many Christians away from Christ and into a godless secularism. Should we not also think of how much Christ suffers in his own Church? How often is the holy sacrament of his Presence abused, how often must he enter empty and evil hearts! How often do we celebrate only ourselves, without even realizing that he is there! How often is his Word twisted and misused! What little faith is present behind so many theories, so many empty words! How much filth there is in the Church, and even among those who, in the priesthood, ought to belong entirely to him! How much pride, how much self-complacency! What little respect we pay to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, where he waits for us, ready to raise us up whenever we fall! All this is present in his Passion. His betrayal by his disciples, their unworthy reception of his Body and Blood, is certainly the greatest suffering endured by the Redeemer; it pierces his heart. We can only call to him from the depths of our hearts: Kyrie eleison ­ Lord, save us (cf. Mt 8: 25).
Good Friday Meditations 2005 by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Very nice, Quintero. When Pope Benedict begins to crack down on episcopal malfeasance, wake me up.

Praising the pope for this is like praising a worker for showing up to work on time.

Sorry for the cynicism but I think most Catholics have a right to be cynical these days.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Scarlette said...

That was wonderful, Quintero. I'm glad you posted it.

3:06 PM  

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