Nov 8, 2005

The Diana Lopez story

When she learned that her 13 year old daughter had been taken to a Planned Parenthood to have an abortion, Diana Lopez got a ride to the "clinic" (she does not have a car).

After being dropped off there, Lopez demanded that the abortion be stopped.

According to Lopez, the receptionist replied that the clinic couldn’t release any information to her because it was a confidential matter, nothing could be done and Lopez just needed to wait until her daughter came out from the surgery. Lopez’s stunned response: "What? She's only 13 and I'm her mother! I want to be there with her!" Lopez also spoke to a supervisor, who, she said, threatened to call the police when Lopez got into a heated discussion with the boyfriend’s mother.

Lopez said that Planned Parenthood sent her daughter home with painkillers, antibiotics, and birth control pills but did not speak with Lopez regarding aftercare instructions. Lopez insists that had she known her daughter was pregnant, she would have urged her to have the baby.

See the Diana Lopez story on video HERE.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God for this courageous mother who is making public the of her grandchild.

2:04 PM  
Blogger John Hearn said...

I got a call from some PP bot when I was home for lunch today urging me to vote against Prop 73. That woman on the recording was damed luck that it *was* a recording! Is there a way I can vote twice for 73?

2:30 PM  
Blogger shelray said...

Very distrubing phone calls, the most disturbing part is these are kids being enticed by adults to just do it.

7:28 PM  
Blogger bobnd said...

Remember what mother teresa said, "It is a poverty that a child should die in the name of choice." We are killing off potential priests and nuns because of our own sinfulness. The industry will never tell you that women die from abortions, they will never tell that was a living being. I attended a speaker at St. Paul's Newman Fargo, ND that only solidified my pro-life stand. How can you not be pro-life when you the beautiful creatures that God creates. The last time I checked in my medical dictionary fertility was not a disease, Violations of this great act happen, but God has never made a mistake, an abortion is like telling God that he screwed up. An abortion is never acceptable in any cases, children happen because of out innate irresponsibilty (Premiscus sex) not because God says now its time. Using sex as a sport is a sin, sometimes the result of this sin is a beautiful human life. As I continually pray. Make an abortion the equivilent to murder, a liberal will go to the gates of hell to retrieve Barabbas, but would gladly let our Lord be hung for our infrailities. God has a great ocean of mercy out there and no matter what the sin God will forgive you if you are truely remorseful.

1:58 AM  

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