Nov 7, 2005

L.A.'s Jesuit institution of higher yearning offers you ...

Yoga, yoga, yoga ... and a lotta yada, yada, yada.


This class will explore the history of Goddesses on the South Asian subcontinent from earliest times until the present. Topics covered include the many forms and manifestations of the Great Goddess, the important celebrations and festivals, and particularly the social and sacred meanings of the Goddesses in the context of Hinduism.

Tuition: $165
Who should attend? Open to all, especially practioners and teachers of Yoga.

I noticed that this particular class has been cancelled. I guess the goddess got pissed off about something or other. You know how moody goddesses can be.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMU is a joke and has been for years...

The worst liturgical experience I ever had was at the 1996 LMU Graduation Mass, held in the gymnasium, of course - not the church on campus. Scantilly-clad, buxom liturgical dancers bounced through half the mass, at one point dancing in a pagan circle around the "presider" and spinkling him with holy water before reading the Gospel. Simultaneously, other pairs of dancers actually pranced up into the bleachers - one with a bowl of what was reportedly holy water and the other wielding an olive branch, dipping it in the bowl and "blessing" the crowd in the stands...I'm sure most of the men attending had no trouble keeping their minds focused on mass with a twenty smiling, mammarially-blessed coeds in leotards gyrating in front of them to the sounds of drums and bongos for half the liturgy!

And the music represented every continent and culture, save Europe and authentically Catholic liturgical music. Lots of Carribean rythms, old "negro" spirituals, latin beats and even a tune with a scimitar in it. It was a hand-clappin', toe-tapping good time with outbursts of applause after most of the "numbers."

I'm sure the graduation committee members were very proud of themselves. The whole affair was many things, but tragically (and not suprisingly) it was barely a valid mass and most certainly not Catholic!

11:20 PM  

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