Nov 21, 2005

Sex in the City (of the Angels?)

Clayton provides us with another post about the conference on sexuality he attended at the Archdiocesan Catholic Center on November 12. Father Ponnet began the day with a "prayer" and a surprise.

Father Chris Ponnet

He prayed: "Gracious God ... You bless us as human and sexual and holy people ..."

Next he led them in singing a verse and chorus of that nauseating song: We come to share our story ...

And then, as the music from Disney's "Main Street Electrical Parade" began, Father Ponnet donned a Mickey Mouse sorcerer's hat and spoke animatedly to the attendees:

"It's now time to wake up and stand and [hear] a little Christian aerobics ... Please stand ... You thought you were going to sit here all day and hear about what organ parts are a part of human sexuality ... So put your hands up in the heavens ... "

You can listen to the rest of it HERE.

This is utter buffoonery. It is not only unbecoming of a priest but also totally inappropriate in the context on what should be a serious presentation to an adult audience on an important and delicate topic.

To learn more about Father Chris Ponnet, go HERE, HERE and HERE


Blogger bobnd said...

Sounds like Father Ponnet needs a dose of JP2 and B16 and he needs to look up his catechism to read about homosexuality, if he didn't change his attitude: guess what, faculties pulled and sent on a penintent retreat for a year

5:47 PM  

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