Feb 22, 2006

Do the math: Abortions and capital punishment

The on-again, off-again execution of Michael Morales, 46, gangster, drug user, convicted torturer, rapist and murderer in a homosexual plot, is off again.

News reports say that in 1981, Morales, 21, was recruited by his homosexual cousin, Ricky Ortega, 19, to get high-schooler Terri Winchell, 17, because unbeknownst to her, the guy she was going with was secretly a homosexual "partner" of Ortega. (Ortega is doing life without possibility of parole for his part in Terri's murder.)

At their semi-annual meeting last November, our U.S. bishops initiated a major campaign against capital punishment. Not long after that, the 1,000th execution of a death row criminal in the USA since 1977 took place.

Someone has done the math: In the USA, executing 1,000 convicts takes 28 years, and executing 1,000 babies in the womb by abortion takes SIX HOURS. Versus those six hours are the 245,280 hours that constitute 28 years. 6 into 245,280 = 40,880.

So, as anyone can see, abortions are 40,880 times worse (more frequent) than capital punishment.

Tragically, no one can say that our U.S. bishops, clergy and laity, now or ever in the past almost four decades of "legal" abortions in the USA, have spent 40,880 times as much effort fighting abortions as they have the death penalty and other issues.

We should never stop reminding our hierarchy, clergy and everyone else that Pope John Paul II, on a visit to Brazil, called abortion the most unjust EXECUTION of all.


Anonymous dave said...

Classic Q

...keep it comin'-

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Alice said...

I read a paper by Msgr. McCarthy on the Roman Theological Forum, on aborted babies. He said that the Blessed Mother is present at every abortion petitioning God to accept the soul of the aborted child into the Kingdom of Heaven, offering her intelligence and understanding to supplement what the little one lacks. It is one more reason why when we should thank the Holy Virgin for her intercessions.

5:12 PM  

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