May 3, 2006

"Keep churches out of politics?"

Wait a minute! The "news" media and certain politicians have told us for years that pro-life hierarchy and clergy must stay out of politics. Pro-abortion Demoncrat head Howard Dean even warned churches recently to choose between politics and losing their tax exemption.

But the "keep churches out of politics" media and politicians are not exactly jumping all over Cardinal Mahony and the other cardinals and clergy for being knee-deep in politically promoting the cause of illegals.

We know that the very same "news" media and politicians have been savage in denouncing and threatening the few members of the hierarchy and clergy who have been so brave as to loudly speak Catholic truth against the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual agendas.

So the lesson is that in the eyes of the "news" media and certain politicians, "the religious right" is always "bad" and the "religious left" (a term never used, naturally) can do no wrong.

By the way: As you know, the word "gringo," which some but by no means all of the recent marchers have used, is a term of insult. Thanks to commenter "Anonymous 8:23 a.m." today for eliminating any doubt in anyone's mind by providing the following dictionary definition: "gringo n. Offensive Slang. , pl. -gos . Used as a disparaging term for a foreigner in Latin America, especially an American or English person."


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