Jun 6, 2006

Holy See's new pro-family document

More later, but Family and Human Procreation, the document that the Pontifical Council for the Family issued today, clearly contains profound ideas and major warnings. A partial summary, but not yet the text, is on the Vatican Information Service site (click the title of this post).

What warnings? The document, signed by Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, says, according to LifeSiteNews.com, "...we deviate towards a 'post-human' world. It is necessary to save man."

Years ago, in the pontificate of Pope Paul VI, the Declaration on Procured Abortion called abortion "an unspeakable crime." The new document calls abortion "an abominable crime" and adds, "It is not acceptable that a crime should remain unpunished."

The document also rips contraception.

Let us all stay tuned for more news and developments.


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