Aug 22, 2006

Start working for Prop 85 now!

Last year, the parental notification initiative (it was Prop 73) probably would have passed if it had not gotten swallowed up by the voters' rejection of all the initiatives because of their anger at the special election Gov. Schwarzie called.

But there is good news: A NEW parental notification initiative, Prop 85, the Parents' Right To Know & Child Protection Initiative, is on the ballot for this November.

Theer is no guarantee this much-needed measure will pass. We need to get everyone working for it. Now is our only chance to fight for it. Click on this post's title to find out how to help.

Importante: You can get Prop 85 materials in Spanish at:

The California Catholic Conference, our California bishops' lobbying arm in Sacramento, supports Prop 85. You can see what they say about it at:

Be sure to tell all your family, relatives and friends about these websites and encourage them to join you in working for Prop 85. If this measure passes, you will have helped to: save many preborn babies' lives; foster family unity; safeguard parents' authority, role and rights; and protect many teenage girls from the evil over-age men who prey upon them.

Let's get to work!


Anonymous Kenneth Fisher, Founder & Chrm. CRCOA said...


Pray for the soul of Daniel Brady, the son of Steve Brady, Founder of "Roman Catholic Faithful". He died today.

Steve Brady almost singlehandedly brought down homosexual Bishop Daniel Ryan.

Kenneth M. Fisher

12:07 AM  

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