Sep 9, 2006

"Living with L.A." includes "living with driving"

For you and me and all L.A. drivers, and for drivers everywhere, here are Ten Commandments for Highway Safety, from a St. Christopher holy card.

If you can't see the commandments clearly, here they are:

I. Thou shalt not murder by motor.
II. Thou shalt not mix alcohol with gasoline.
III. Thou shalt not exceed the speed limit.
IV. Thou shalt not follow too closely.
V. Thou shalt not weave from lane to lane.
VI. Thou shalt not fail to signal.
VII. Thou shalt not lose thy temper.
VIII. Thou shalt be courteous to they fellow motorists.
IX. Thou shalt favor the pedestrian & bicyclist.
X. Honor traffic laws that thy days may be long.

To these we could add, "favor motorcyclists, too," and "avoid unsafe lane changes," and "don't run red lights."

(The card has a really tiny copyright notice, but I can't make it out. If you can, let me know and I will be glad to give full credit, of course. Also, no doubt many people sell this card; the illustration above happens to be from
St. Christopher, please pray for us and for everyone we meet on the road -- other drivers and passengers, pedestrians, jaywalkers, skateboarders, bicyclists, etc., and for all animals, the innocent creatures of God. Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.
Hi, Commenters -- Has St. Christopher ever saved you, here in ole L.A. or somewhere else? Or your Guardian Angel? Or St. Raphael? Or other patron saints of travelers? Please tell us all about it, if you want to.


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