Oct 6, 2006

Did your parish play Cardinal Mahony's "Yes on 85" recording?

Cardinal Mahony asked every parish to play, at the end of each Mass last Sunday (and, last I heard, every Sunday this month), his recorded message urging everyone to get to the polling places on Tuesday, Nov. 7, and vote "Yes on Prop. 85," the pro-life Parental Notification and Child Protection Initiative.

Not every parish complied. I know of one that only had the lector read, in the announcements at the end of Mass, a brief statement about the Cardinal urging everyone to vote Yes on 85. Maybe they just had "technical difficulties"; they did have a Yes on 85 flyer in the bulletin.

So let's do a survey here. Did your parish play the Cardinal's recorded message? Did they have an announcement about Yes on 85? or a flyer in the bulletin?

By the way, Election Day, Nov. 7, is a month away. NOW is the time to order your yard signs, bumper stickers, flyers, sample letters to the editor, and other Yes on 85 materials. You can get them in English or in Spanish. How about right now ordering them by going to:

http://www.yeson85.net and http://www.yeson85.net/espanol.aspx


Anonymous Anonymous said...


While we did have a flyer the bulletin, there was no playing of the recording.

Of course, we did have an unbelieveable homily on the readings; if you didn't know better, you would have walked away knowing the Catholic Church doesn't care one way or the other if you get divorced. Also, an endorsement of Mosaic law, because 'Moses was smart enough to realize that not all marriages work out' - notwithstanding Our Lord's strong denuciation of said law. Oh, and our Mass ended with the usual, "The Mass is ended. Go in peace to serve one another." It' probably been a year or so since we were asked "to serve the Lord."

You learn something new every week here in the Archdiocese of LA.

Paul in Long Beach

11:58 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Paul in Long Beach,

Thank you for the news. Glad the flyer was in the bulletin. The homily sounds bizarre, all right.

5:13 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Thank God, I didn't have to hear it.

But what I did hear was almost as bad.

9:02 PM  
Anonymous DAve said...

"The Mass is ended. Go in peace to serve one another." It' probably been a year or so since we were asked "to serve the Lord."

Yep. That's exactly the kind of horizontal orientation I was talking about elsewhere.

Serve the created, not the Creator. People say that by fulfilling the Second Great Commandment they are fulfilling the First but really how is that different from just fulfilling the Second???

Yes lotsa official representatives of the L.A. Archdiocese are teaching your children wild things these days and you're just supposed to sit next to them in the pews at Mass and endorse it.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous DAve said...


...At least I'm not the only one around here thinking in these terms...

SHH looks like an interesting blog so far-

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Kenneth Fisher, Founder & Chrm. CRCOA said...

Some probably didn't read it because they know it was just a political ploy by politician, not Shepherd, Mahony!

You know what, it worked! We have had some of our ads refused by people who used to accept them because they need Mahony for political reasons.

Kenneth M. Fisher

1:12 PM  

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