Dec 24, 2006

"The Central California Catholic Life" and pro-abortion zealot Nancy Pelosi

Commenter "Central Valley Catholic" has sent a tip that the Christmas 2006 issue of the Diocese of Fresno's Central California Catholic Life (click on this post's title) contains an article by Father James Rude, S.J., "Christians Have Ears and Hearts."

God bless Father Rude for being a priest and serving the likes of us. But he writes that the day after the election, he called pro-abortion zealot and Catholic politician Nancy Pelosi (he did not write the words "pro-abortion zealot," unfortunately) to congratulate her on becoming the first female Speaker of the House.

Father says he also wanted to warn Mrs. Pelosi to work to bring the two political parties together. He does not say he brought up God's precious unborn babies and their right to life in his phone call to the politically powerful Catholic abortion extremist.

Later in his article he mentions "the human dignity of every child of God," "the sacredness of life" and "'the Church's insistent teaching about the seamless garment of life,' its consistent pro-life ethic." But he brings them up right after mentioning the death penalty, and in any case he does not say he brought them up to the pro-abortion Mrs. Pelosi.

In the same issue, Steve Pehanich, executive director of Catholic Charities of California, has an article, "What Should We Ask of Our Elected Officials." He mentions "justice," but says nothing about preborn babies at all, or our duty to secure basic justice for them by saving their lives.

Two articles on page 9 of the issue are anti-abortion. One promotes the West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco this coming January 20. The other is about good pro-life activities at St. Francis of Assisi School in Bakersfield.

Time for all of us to keep unborn babies on our horizon and in our prayers and good works -- and in any and every article we may write about politics, justice and so on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for exposing the Central California Life article on Ms. Nancy. Last year when numerous "catholic" law makers published a letter in national news papers saying they were catholic and pro-choice. One of the signatures was that of congresman Jim Costa (D Fresno). The response from the bishop was silence. Bishop John Steinbock will collect checks for pro-life causes and speak at right to life dinners but refuses to say anything to elected officials within his diocese.

6:22 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Central Valley Catholic,

Thanks for this and all the information.

That's an excellent point you make about bishops. Most of them do some pro-life things but not the difference-making things that actually save babies' lives.

The U.S. bishops say in their own documents that they need to speak to the pro-abortion politicians in their flock. Seems clear that saying that is one thing and doing it is another.

11:53 AM  

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