Mar 23, 2007

How about parish sanctuaries for expecting moms and babies?

The Los Angeles Times reports today (sorry, I do not have a link) that downtown's historic La Placita Church, Nuestra Senora Reina de los Angeles, or Our Lady Queen of Angels, will take part in a sanctuary-for-illegals movement and is converting a room into housing for illegals.

The parish website also has a link to an Immigration Workshop pdf file created by the far-left Industrial Areas Foundation (One LA-IAF).

Now, whatever anyone thinks about illegals, there is another point altogether here:

If parishes are willing to create havens for illegals, why have they NOT been willing, for the past 40 years, to create havens for unwed moms -- a crisis pregnancy center and home in each parish?

Just imagine the number of preborn babies who could have been rescued, moms helped -- and souls saved -- if every one of our 200 or more parishes in the Southland had set up a residence and a counseling center for unwed moms during the past four decades!

Our parishes could set up pro-life centers and homes and still be helping lots of illegals, by the way. That is because the abortuaries among us prey on unwed moms who are illegal aliens.

So why not get together with friends in your parish and talk to your pastor about starting a parish pro-life sanctuary for moms and babies?


Anonymous DAve said...

Ahhh Q another brilliant insight.

And yet... it seems like we all should have thought of it.
Just shows how lost we are after all these years of lunacy.
Can't remember where but I was reading last week and I have to agree that the immigration attitudes of the RCC (and especially the American version) are indistinguishable from those of international Marxism.
Keep it comin' Q it needs to be said and heard-

5:28 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Dave,

Thanks for your kind words! You keep it comin', too, on the issues of faith, morality and pro-life!

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


How about parish sanctuaries for expecting moms and babies?

Because that would mean that the Church Establishment would actually have to care about vulnerable people, not merely manipulate them in the bishops' constant lust for prestige and political influence....

3:03 PM  

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