Mar 24, 2007

Cardinal's "Cesar Chavez Mass" for "immigrants" forgets Chavez's UFW ratted on illegals to La Migra

The Archdiocese says (click on this post's title) Cardinal Mahony will celebrate a "Cesar Chavez Mass" at 3:30 p.m. tomorrow (Sunday) in the cathedral. The intentions include recognition of the contributions of "immigrants" and "civic action for real political and social change."

Chavez would have celebrated his 80th birthday this March 31.

But Cardinal Mahony seems not to know what columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr. wrote about Chavez and his United Farm Workers in on March 30, 2005:

"Worried that the hiring of illegal immigrants drove down wages, Chávez – according to numerous historical accounts – instructed union members to call the Immigration and Naturalization Service to report the presence of illegal immigrants in the fields and demand that the agency deport them. UFW officials were even known to picket INS offices to demand a crackdown on illegal immigrants.

"And in 1973, in one of the most disgraceful chapters in UFW history, the union set up a 'wet line' to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering the United States. Under the guidance of Chávez 's cousin, Manuel, UFW members tried at first to convince the immigrants not to cross. When that didn't work, they physically attacked the immigrants and left some bloody in the process. It happened in the same place that the Minutemen are now planning to gather: the Arizona-Mexico border."

By the way, at you can read a glowing tribute to Chavez from Evelina Alarcon of the Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday Campaign that ran in the Communist Party USA's newspaper, the People's Weekly World, on March 29, 2003.


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