Dec 11, 2007

Colorado killer: "We'll make our own religion..."

Another AP news story today (click on this post's title) has this to say about the 24-year-old man who killed Christians in Colorado last Sunday:

"In an Oct. 6 post, nghtmrchld26 [evidently the killer] wrote about his anger at the church.

"'We'll make our own religion and be our own God's [sic] instead listening [sic]to some abusive pedophile church like what [sic] I was raised in telling us who's "saved" and who's not,' the person wrote."

Don't look now, but "We'll make our own religion" is also an agenda of the Catholics who "dissent" about sodomy, contraception, aborting babies, ordaining women and ending priestly celibacy. And "We'll be our own Gods" sure sounds as if it's right out of the first chapter of Genesis.


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