Jun 30, 2008

To save babies from being aborted, repeal the Seamy Garment

As we know, when Cardinal Joseph Bernardin propagated the "seamless garment" -- the notion that aborting millions of God's precious babies is just one issue among many -- he gave liberal Catholics the excuse they wanted and needed to vote for pro-abortion politicians.

That remains so to this day, even though the Cardinal later did admit that aborting millions of babies should be preeminent.

The news that in two recent surveys pro-abortion Catholics outnumbered pro-life ones shows the success of the Seamy Garment.

The Catholic News Service reports (sorry, I don't have a link) that in a poll by Georgetown U.'s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, 58% of 1,007 Catholics agreed that "a woman should have the right to choose an abortion."

Also, reports the Catholic News Service, among 8,054 Catholics in a Pew Forum poll, 16% said aborting babies should be legal in all cases and 32% said aborting babies should be legal in most cases. Some 27% of Catholics said aborting babies should be illegal in most cases, and only 18% said aborting babies should be illegal in all cases.

We can thank the Seamy Garment for these disgusting, disgraceful results, along with the decades of silence from Catholic pulpits about aborting babies and along with the U.S. bishops' equivocating Faithful Citizenship "guides."

It looks as if more Catholics than not are planning to vote pro-abortion this year, from the presidency on down. The only way to fix that is for the U.S. bishops, collectively and in their respective dioceses, to speak Catholic truth clearly and unequivocally, once and for all.

The U.S. bishops, and the clergy echoing them in homilies, need to say that aborting babies is the issue and that the Seamy Garment "broad range of issues" option is no option at all.

Otherwise, kiss more babies goodbye, for decades and by the tens of millions.

The Seamy Garment is already stained and drenched with the blood of tens of millions of aborted babies.

All Catholics, please dump the Seamy Garment, repent, and become pro-life!

(No, I don't expect this to happen. But it needs to.)


Blogger Kozaburo said...

You need to find the doc from which you've cited and link it. The stats you have are too specific for a mental note. Help us out!

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Quintero, I just found your blog. As I prolife Catholic here in California, I greatly appreciate your comments! I wanted to invite you and your readers to join the Coalition to Eliminate Abortion Funding from our California state budget. See www.california4life.org for more information. Each year, $33 million of our tax dollars go to pay for 95,000 "free" abortions. We must not be complicit in this life destroying act! Also, the nation-wide time of prayer and fasting, "40 Days for Life" is starting registration for the fall 2008 vigil, to bring about the end of abortion and a conversion for our nation. See www.40daysforlife.com for more information. Very gratefully, Wynette Sills, Coalition to Eliminate Abortion Funding

10:56 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Mrs. Sills,

Thank you so much for writing and for your kind words. I've admired you and your family from afar for a long time for your devotion to babies and their right to life.

I totally second the motion to everything you say. I urge every pro-lifer to join with you in opposing the use of our tax dollars to pay abortionists.

I also urge every pro-lifer to join with you in the next "40 Days for Life" prayer and fasting vigil, because it powerfully saves babies and converts souls to Jesus and the right to life.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Joseph D'Hippolito said...

We can also thank the "seamy garment" for the Church's current de facto abolitionist stance on capital punishment -- a stance that contradicts nearly two millenia of teaching from Scripture and Tradition!

Read the following on the issue:


10:10 AM  

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