Aug 9, 2008

Campaign for Yes on 4, to save babies' lives and save teens from predators

We each need to do everything we can to help pass pro-life, anti-predator Prop 4 on the Nov. ballot -- so please click on this post's title today to visit the Prop 4 / Sarah's Law website and see how you can help.

We need to donate to the cause, get and distribute literature, get bumper stickers and yard signs, and so on. We also need to write letters to the editor to the newspapers.

Prop 4 is a parental/family member notification initiative that will make abortionists notify an underage girl's parents or other family member before aborting her baby.

Right now, as we know, certain evil adult men can criminally prey on underage girls, impregnate them and then take them to abortion chambers -- and the abortionists can kill the babies for the predators without the girls' parents, not to mention law enforcement, ever being told.

Prop 4 will change all that, and the results will save babies' lives, protect underage girls and force abortionists into accountability.

So, please, let's you and I help pass Prop 4!


Anonymous DAve said...

In Kalifornia you can't give a minor an aspirin without their parents' permission but you can get them an abortion.
You can't marry one but you can impregnate one and get her an abortion.

*We're so silly!*

9:11 AM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Dave,

Right you are, and let's hope everyone will do their part to pass Prop 4!

8:49 PM  

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