Jul 19, 2008

"Always...add some kind words."

St. Alphonsus Liguori (1696-1787), portrayed above, once wrote or said these words, which ole Q found in a Catholic quotations site tonight:

"If, on a rare occasion, it is necessary to speak with some severity in order to make a grievous crime felt, we should always, at the conclusion of the rebuke, add some kind words. We must heal wounds, as the Samaritan did, with wine and oil. But as oil floats above all other liquors, so meekness should predominate in all our actions."

Well, that's one thing ole Q does from time to time -- "speak with some severity in order to make a grievous crime felt."

Many people just do not care about babies being aborted, or even are for it, so to try to awaken them to that "unspeakable crime" (Declaration on Procured Abortion, 1965 or so) and "unutterable violence" (Pope Benedict XVI in Sydney) we need to speak bluntly and forcefully -- "with some severity," if you will.

But to all those admonitions now and in the future, may I add these kind words: Ole Q is never trying to be self-righteous or holier than thou, and is never trying to harbor any ill will, when he says it's wrong to, for example, vote for pro-abortion politicians or otherwise help them.

In fact, I always welcome with humility, open arms, a big smile, and a happy heart, every convert to the cause of saving babies and helping moms, and so do all pro-lifers. It's never too late to turn around, for any of us, and it takes a big person and God's help to do that.

So there are my kind words, and they come with sincerity and prayers.


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