Feb 19, 2009

Nancy Pelosi did meet with Archbishop Niederauer after all

You might have heard the news that Nancy Pelosi finally did accede to San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer's longstanding request that she meet with him about her stance on aborting babies.

The meeting, in secret, took place on Sunday, February 8. Obviously politician Pelosi was trying to clear the decks before her meeting with Pope Benedict XVI on Feb. 18.

As friend Gibbons Cooney of the "A Shepherd's Voice" blogspot has pointed out, Valerie Schmalz of Our Sunday Visitor found out about the meeting and is writing about it (click on this post's title).

Reporter Schmalz says that Maurice Healy, spokesman for the Archdiocese of San Francisco, said last night (Wednesday) that he learned about the meeting only on Tuesday, Feb. 17.

She also reported this:

"[Pelosi spokesman Brendan] Daly said that the meeting did not sway Pelosi's stance on life issues. 'She is not changing her position on abortion,' he said. Daly said Pelosi still goes to Mass and Communion every Sunday at San Francisco's St. Vincent de Paul parish or elsewhere when she is traveling."

Imagine meeting with your archbishop, and then with the Pope himself, the Vicar of Christ, and still having, evidently, the pride and obstinacy to not obey -- and the hardness of heart to have no mercy on the babies.

It would change the whole U.S. political equation if any American bishop excommunicated a pro-abortion Catholic politician.

It would lead to even more hatred against our Church than already exists, and to more persecution than already exists.

It would also draw the line clearly and make all Catholics, from the hierarchy on down, decide once and for all whose side they are really on, the babies' side or the baby-killers' side.

And it would SAVE BABIES' LIVES. If you were a dear little baby in your Mama's womb, would you care about the political fallout of excommunicating politicians, or would you just want to have your life saved?


Blogger Paul said...

It would seem the archbishop must act now that Ms. Pelosi as decided to continue hr scandal. Now we'll see what he is made of.

Paul in Long Beach

7:21 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Paul,

I wonder if Cardinal Levada, what with his connections to San Francisco and to Abp. Niederauer, will have input on any decision?

10:01 PM  

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