Apr 25, 2009

Tim Rutten is in a rut -- an anti-Catholic, anti-life rut

Columnist Tim Rutten of the Los Angeles Times has never been a friend of the Church or of abortion-slated babies. He shows that again in his column of today (click on this post's title).

Rutten is scared that our Catholic bishops will excommunicate Catholic pro-abortion politicians and will tell Catholics they may not vote for pro-abortion politicians.

As we know, our Church's discipline of the Sacraments is none of Rutten's business.

Rutten cites the case of Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (Democrat), Barack Hussein Obama's nominee for secretary of Health and Human Services. Rutten is angry that pro-life bishops, pro-life U.S. Senators and rank and file pro-lifers keep pointing out that she is anti-life and unfit for that office or any public office.

Incredibly -- and conveniently -- Rutten writes his entire column about Mrs. Sebelius without mentioning George Tiller, the high-volume abortionist of late-term babies who has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Mrs. Sebelius get in office and stay there.

Rutten also fails to mention that Mrs. Sebelius has taken all kinds of official actions as governor to protect Tiller in his baby-aborting business. She has vetoed bills that would have saved some babies' lives and would have mandated health standards for abortion businesses.

Another convenient omission by Rutten is that Mrs. Sebelius hosted a gala party for Tiller and his whole staff at the governor's mansion and was photographed beaming with him.

(Her defenders claim, without any evidence I've seen, that the party wasn't for him, it wasn't official, etc.; but pro-lifers have strong evidence to the contrary.)

Interestingly, Rutten praises our Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles for not denying Communion to the Catholic politicians who enable the abortions of millions of babies:

"...in the past, when more conservative bishops have forbidden Communion to Catholic officeholders, some cardinals -- McCarrick and Mahony in particular -- have declined to enforce the ban."

We Catholic Angelenos have every right and every reason to wonder out loud why our Cardinal remains silent as Catholic politicians boldly continue to receive Communion even as they continue to vote to protect and fund abortionists' mass slaughter of God's precious babies.

Cardinal Mahony should break his long silence, in order to protect the babies -- and to counter any impression anyone might have that he would ever favor or tolerate a Catholic politician anywhere who is pro-abortion.


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