May 2, 2009

Commenter Mark says the Latin Mass at St. Victor was "ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!"

Today I was wishing that someone would write in with a report on how the Latin Extraordinary Form Mass at St. Victor in West Hollywood yesterday (Friday) went.

And someone has! Many, many thanks to commenter Mark, who wrote early this morning:

"I just got back from St. Victor's. The Mass was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! The priest, deacon, and subdeacon (thank you Norbertines!) did a magnificent job offering St. Victor's first Solemn High Mass in who-knows-how-long-since-when! The choir was professional and sang ever so gloriously. Many people were there; the church was packed with old and young & avid TLM'ers and rookies.

"I would just like to say that tonight's Solemn High Mass was perhaps one of the most beautiful Mass I have ever assisted in. God truly blessed all of us there! Many people were at loss with words when trying to describe what was experienced there. I'm still feeling the graces from the Mass as I type this up! May there be MORE Solemn High Masses in L.A.!! 1:36 AM"

May the powers that be in our Archdiocese of Los Angeles open their hearts and minds to us, the people, who love the Extraordinary Form Latin Mass, and spiritually profit from it, on the currently rare occasions when we are allowed to attend it.

By the way, the "Low" Extraordinary Form Mass, the daily Mass, which has no singing, is beautiful and spiritually profitable, too, of course.


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