Jun 29, 2009

Our bishops and clergy need to march in the streets...like they used to

Remember, not so long ago, when Cardinal Roger Mahony marched in the streets in celebration of the inauguration of pro-abortion Los Angeles Mayor Tony Villar (Antonio Villaraigosa)?

And think about all the photos you've seen of Catholic bishops and clergy proudly marching in the streets during the civil rights movement of the 1960's and in support of lefty Cesar Chavez.

To this day, those bishops and clergy are revered for...marching in the streets.

Now, let's ask ourselves if we wouldn't like to see our Catholic bishops and clergy marching in the streets once again -- this time, to save the lives of preborn babies from abortionists.

Cardinal Mahony, the babies and moms of L.A. are waiting for help -- life-saving help. We'll follow, if you and our other bishops and the clergy will lead. Please?


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