Jul 27, 2009

Would a liberal ever say the Tridentine Mass in the vernacular?

After hearing yet another homily filled with all the usual absolutely ignorant statements about the Tridentine Mass, I have to comment.

The homilist claimed that people want the Tridentine Mass because of "nostalgia," and that before the New Mass the congregation couldn't hear the priests, the priests rushed through the Mass, and some priests even went so fast that they didn't understand the words.

As for the first point: How could today's young priests, young families, and young people in general, be "nostalgic" for the Tridentine Mass, when they were not even born when the liberals threw out that Tridentine Mass 40 years ago?

To claim that "nostalgia" is why Catholics today want the Tridentine Mass is to wrongly imply that no one could have a good reason for wanting it.

As for the other points: I know men, now getting up there in years, who became altar boys as 4th graders. At their young age they learned, and understood, the Latin of the Mass. They could fluently recite their altar boys' responses, and they understood the priest's words.

I have met many priests who said the Latin Mass. They were highly educated men. They had studied Latin in the seminary, and many of them could speak it. They were students of the Mass and the liturgy, and they knew what they were doing and saying all the way through.

I also know Catholics who attended the Latin Mass. They had Latin-English missals! They knew every step of the Mass. They knew what the priest and the altar boys were saying at each of those steps.

The real reason that liberals fiercely dislike the Tridentine Mass is that it is so Catholic -- so oriented toward sacrifice, repentance, forgiveness of sins, atonement, mercy, the Communion of Saints, and more.

As Alice von Hildebrand has said, liberals do not want to hear about personal sins ("Mea culpa," "my fault") but societal faults ("Tua culpa," "your fault").

If Latin is really the problem, then what legitimate objection could a liberal have to saying the Tridentine Mass in the vernacular?

Click on this post's title to read what retired Bishop Rene Gracida has written about saying the Tridentine Mass in the vernacular. He says it is permitted under the Motu Proprio.

You can get excellent Latin-English Mass booklets from the Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei at:


Blogger hopingforheaven said...

They say "Save the Liturgy, Save the World"!

But liberalism does not want to bow to God but rather have a 'religion' and a world suitable to them. A worldly way that condones a number of sinful things.

The TLM is about the worship of God and in too many places, the novus ordo is the worship of ourselves, the community which is already 'holy' and so forth. There are two opposing 'theologies here'.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Quintero said...

Dear Hoping for Heaven,

You are so right about the liberals wanting a religion and world suitable to themselves; they themselves prove that over and over by defying Catholic doctrine and authority in so many ways.

We know that the New Mass is holy and legitimate, of course, but you are right; some Catholics seem to misuse it sometimes and become self-congratulatory at Mass. Their theology is mixed up, and they ignore the nature and intent of the New Mass.

5:06 PM  

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