Jun 28, 2005

He'd cut your throat, but wouldn't eat meat on Fridays

The "legendary" Redwood 2nd Street Saloon in dowtown L.A. closed its doors on Monday for the last time.


Alice Broude, 86, the Redwood's beloved waitress for 51 years, came out of retirement to bid farewell. She wore her martini-shaped earrings and nursed a Jack Daniel's on the rocks. She recalled serving 35-cent grilled-cheese sandwiches and taking the orders of mobsters such as Mickey Cohen and Frankie Carbo. Carbo liked take-out steak four times a week and fish on Fridays, she said.

"He'd cut your throat, but he wouldn't eat meat on Fridays," Broude recalled.

Go HERE for the full story.


Blogger GFvonB said...

1 outta 2 ain't bad... that at least puts him one point ahead of many of our Bishops…

11:19 AM  

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