Jul 14, 2005

Homophobe alert!

Many homosexual leaders have admitted that there is a natural link between a homosexual orientation and child sexual abuse.

You probably don't want to say these words too loudly at the Gold's Gym where L.A.'s openly gay permanent deacon, Eric Stoltz, works out.

Nor would it be advisable to have these words printed on a T-shirt and then dare to wear it at Mahony's cathedral. The cathedral goons will surely intimidate you and threaten you with arrest like they did the college students who wore pro-life T-shirts at Villaraigosa's gala pow-wow/prayer service at L.A.'s "mother church."

Nevertheless, to think, say or write these words makes one neither "homophobic" nor hateful, only honest.

The U.S. Bishops' John Jay report showed that over 80 per cent of the sexual molestation cases involving priests were homosexual in nature and not heterosexual.

Brian Clowes of Human Life International and David Sonnier contribute to a better understanding of this issue with their recent Homiletic and Pastoral Review article, Child Molestation by homosexuals and heterosexuals.


Blogger Karen said...

Wow, that's going to go over big. I wonder if Mahony is going to write a rebuttal.

That may not have been the best choice of words.

12:11 PM  

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